RELY (Renewable Energy for Livelihood and Youth)

About RELY

Project Renewable Energy for Livelihood and Youth (RELY) is an endeavor funded by the European Union that aims to promote the use of renewable energy to improve lives and foster climate change mitigation in poor and remote communities in the Central Visayas and Southern Tagalog (MIMAROPA) Regions of the Philippines by energizing their off-grid public schools. The approach combines solar electrification with community development and improved vocational education by collaborating with partner senior high schools.

Project RELY is jointly implemented by international development organization sequa gGmbH, Vivant Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of Vivant Corporation, and PROCESS-Bohol, a social development NGO.

The EU support comes under the Access to Sustainable Energy Programme (ASEP), a joint undertaking of the Department of Energy and the European Union, whose goal is to assist the Philippine Government in expanding sustainable energy generation to meet growing economic needs and provide energy access to the poor and marginalized sectors.

The project runs for 35 months from January 2019.

Solar Electrification Recipients

Partner Senior High Schools


  • Moamboc Elementary School, Bantayan
  • Mambacayao Elementary School, Bantayan
  • Carnaza Elementary School & Carnaza National High School, Daanbantayan


  • Bilangbilangan Daku Elementary School, Bien Unido
  • Malingin Elementary School, Bien Unido
  • Hingotanan Elementary School, Bien Unido
  • Hingotanan National High School, Bien Unido
  • Cataban Integrated School, Talibon
  • Guindacpan Elementary School Main Campus & Annex Campus, Talibon


  • New Canipo Elementary School & New Canipo National High School, San Vicente
  • Old Caruray Elementary School & Caruray National High School, San Vicente
  • New Panggangan Elementary School, Puerto Princesa City
  • Marufinas Elementary School, Puerto Princesa City

Cebu:          Bantayan Senior High School

                   Daanbantayan Senior High School

Bohol:        San Jose National High School

Palawan:    Roxas Senior High School

                        Palawan National School

Under RELY, the Electrical Installation and Maintenance (EIM) technical-vocational track of partner senior high schools gets upgraded to include solar technology. The partner schools get EIM-Solar tools and equipment to effectively provide students the knowledge and skills they need for the future of energy.

The community development component of RELY involves livelihood skills training and equipment donation so residents, particularly women, of off-grid communities can help improve the income of their families. The livelihood activities assisted by the project include breadmaking, food catering, and seaweed by-product production.

A project funded by the European Union
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