About Vivant Foundation

Vivant Foundation is the corporate social responsibility arm of the Vivant Group, a business organization that has investments in energy and in infrastructure. The Vivant Group, including its corporate foundation, conducts its day-to-day business with its core values of honor, excellence and relationships as guiding principles.

Vivant Foundation, Inc. became a SEC-registered non-stock, non-profit in November 2014 and saw its first projects in 2015.


Our Vision

Vivant Foundation, Inc. will be a leader in bringing Filipinos to a sustainable future
through programs that create impact and promote innovation,
adaptability, and resiliency in the communities we serve.


Our Mission

Empowering the future through adaptive solutions
that improve the everyday lives of the Filipinos.


Core Values

We believe that CSR is a key component to our mission of bringing
excellence to industries that improve everyday living.
Our role as responsible and involved members
of our community embody our core values:


We believe that helping our communities develop encapsulates our commitment to integrity. Doing right things right means doing business in a manner that looks for solutions that are beneficial to all.


We strive to ensure that our CSR programs are partnerships – with LGUs, schools, community leaders and other businesses and foundations – which foster continuous relationships. We listen to what our communities need and not just what we think they want.


We believe that every person and community has the potential to achieve great things. We promote programs that provide our beneficiaries with the tools to build a collective future of enrichment.