Employee Volunteerism

One Vivant encourages employees to help implement some activities of the Foundation in the community, such as Brigada Eskwela, watershed conservation and river clean-up.

Brigada Eskwela

Since 2017, One Vivant employees have been helping their chosen public schools prepare for the opening of the new school year. Employees can recommend public schools for the Brigada Eskwela and propose the type of assistance to be provided to that school. Employees also launch fund-raising initiatives to have additional funds for their beneficiary-schools. 

River Clean-up
Watershed conservation

Every year, Vivant Foundation organizes One Vivant employees and their families that want to help the group’s watershed conservation program. 

With the assistance of the Philippine Business for Social Progress, One Vivant employees have planted native tree species within the Central Cebu Protected Landscape, which includes the watersheds that provide water to Metro Cebu.