Vivant helps Cebu schools implement distance learning

MOST, if not all, public schools in Cebu are struggling to meet the requirements for distance learning, such as printers or photocopying machines, paper, toner and, for the few that chose the blended mode of teaching their students, audio-video recording equipment.

Heeding the call of the Department of Education (DepEd) 7, Vivant Foundation donated P500,000 worth of audio-video recording equipment to the DepEd 7 regional office. The audio-video recording set included a laptop, cameras, lighting and other accessories.

DepEd 7 Director Salustiano Jimenez said the donation will be used to produce audio-video learning modules in Visayan for kindergarten to third grade learners for schools in Central Visayas that have chosen the blended method to implement distance learning.

“Our resources are not enough. We don’t have a budget for capital outlay, which includes equipment like risograph machines and audio-video recording equipment necessary for developing materials for distance learning,” Jimenez said. “This is where assistance from the private sector, like Vivant Foundation, is very important.”

Aiding seven schools

Vivant also assisted seven schools—Catarman and Buagsong Elementary Schools in Cordova town, and Kabangbang, Guiwanun, Kampingganun, Putian and Baod Elementary Schools in Bantayan—in Cebu Province, through the donation of distance learning materials and equipment.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to help ensure the safety of our children as they continue their studies in these trying times caused by Covid-19,” said Vivant Foundation executive director Shem Jose W. Garcia.

In the municipality of Bantayan in northern Cebu, Vivant Foundation donated a risograph machine and reams of bond paper to the Kabangbang Elementary School. The machine can be used also by nearby public elementary schools in Barangays Baod, Kampingganun, Puti-an, and Guiwanun when reproducing teaching modules.

“We cannot afford to buy a risograph machine and bond paper with our MOOE (maintenance and other operating expenses) of P35,413 a month,” said Kabangbang ES principal Judalyn L. Mulle. “We’re very grateful to Vivant for seeing our needs. We will take care of the equipment so that many will benefit from it.”


Florentina Ochea, parents-teachers association president, said that teachers, parents and students are all struggling to adapt with the demands of distance learning.

“Maayo nalang na adunay hinabang gikan sa Vivant para magaan ang kahago sa mga magtutudlo karong panahon sa pandemia. (It’s a good thing that Vivant has come to help the school during this time).”

In Cordova, Vivant Foundation also donated bond paper and toners to the elementary schools in Catarman and Buagsong.

A separate donation of bond paper was turned over to the municipal government to be distributed to other public schools in the town. The donated paper complements the printing equipment that the Municipal Government gave to the schools.

Jimenez said the nationwide implementation of the distance learning program raises the need for more organizations in the public sector to invest in education.

“They say it takes a village to educate a child. This is where the private sector can complement what we in DepEd lack in the implementation of the distance learning and basic education learning continuity plan,” he said.

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(Published in SunStar Cebu December 29, 2020)